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Samsung gear sport SM-R600 is the newest smartwatch Samsung added to their product which come after the huge success of Samsung gear S3. It has two color black or striking blue. It has coolest feature what make you feel different. Moreover, it will be the best for those people who are fitness conscious. Also, it will be help you to workout, swim. Samsung gear sport will give you suggestion when you needed. Samsung gear sport will make your life style comfortable, classy, and easy. You can control Samsung gear sport with the touch. It has another opportunity that is Samsung pay. Although it has lots of cool feature its price is $199.99 and when the price of apple watch 3 is $399.

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Samsung gear sport
Blend in or stand out


Weight: 67g
Dimensions: 42.9 x 44.6 x 11.6 mm 
Os: Tizen 3
Storage: 4 GB
Screen size: 1.2-inch
Resolution: 360 x360
Screen type: Super AMOLED
Battery: 300mAH
Processor: Exynos 3520 dual
Ram: 768MB
IP rating 50m waterproof

Why you should buy it?

Extremely Classy and Smart

Samsung gear sport uses the most powerful Tizen 3 operating software with a permanent storage of 4 GB to boost the power of its functions. It also has very unique design and it has 1.2-inch screen which helps you to operate easily.

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Go for a run or go swimming. The Gear Sport is your terribly own personal fitness coach on your wrist.

Your Physician

Samsung gear sport has a feature which help you to balance your calories. You can connect your watch with your phone and after that you can set a diet plan and it will make sure that you are on the right track. It will notify you that how much you workouts. It continuously monitoring your heartbeat which helps you to learn your fitness level.

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Balancing Calories

Survive in a Wet Weather

Samsung gear sport has a water-resistant rating of 5ATM or 50 meters under ISO standard 22810:2010. If you want to swim for some time you can wearing the Samsung gear sport. And also, if you are running and you catch rain you can go on.

Your Own Adviser

Samsung gear sport has a special feature which gives you suggestions according to the situation. Like when you are on flight, you can relax and stretch within your seat. But while you are driving it wouldn’t suggest you to relax.

Samsung gear watch
Get timely suggestions

Up to 3 Days Battery Backup

They used 300mAH battery to make Samsung gear sport. It gives you almost 3 days battery backup. As it gives a long battery life you can travel continuously three day without charging it. And it took 2 hours to 3 hours fully charged.

Works as Debit Card

Samsung gear sport has a very unique feature which is Samsung pay. You can easily purchase whatever you want by using the Samsung pay. It works like a mastered card.

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Do even more with your Gear Sport
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Payment Process

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