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Bulova Moonwatch, also known as the Bulova Lunar Pilot. Also, it is the second watch which has a brief history that is connected to the astronauts travelling to the moon. Moreover, this watch was used back in the August 2 1971. On that day, there was happening the mission that is Apollo 15.

Bulova moon watch
Watch of the moon, in a reasonable price
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Lets know some history behind the Moonwatch that watch worn by the famous astronaut Dave Scott, who was one of the pilots who operated the Spaceship. The engineers of the famous watch producer company, Bulova researched about the weather conditions and other factors outside the world around the moon. They analyzed the data and created that watch which can tolerate the lunar conditions and can be operated normally. Also, that watch was used in the Apollo 15 mission at August 2, 1971. Moreover, the picture below is the original Bulova moonwatch that Dave Scott wore on his mission and was sold at 1.3 million dollar.

Bulova moon watch
The historical Bulova “Moon Watch” features a long and interesting, albeit a somewhat convoluted, history.

The modern version of updated Bulova Moonwatch is powered with the Quartz movement which has a frequency of 261 kHz which ensures unparalleled accuracy, contributing to the history of precision timing. Moreover, it also have the super luminous hands and markers, anti-reflective sapphire glass, tachymeter, and a calendar. All these exclusive parts are framed in a solid 316L surgical-grade stainless steel case in silver-tone with black dial. Also, there are also two inter-changeable straps included: one a textured black leather, a black nylon with a nubuck leather patch. The nubuck leather patch commemorates the date of the Apollo 15 mission: 08021971.

Technical Specifications

Case Materials:                                                              Stainless Steel

Case Diameter:                                                               45mm

Case Thickness:                                                              13.5

Functions:                                                                        Chronograph/calendar

Movement:                                                                       High performance Quartz

Frequency:                                                                        262 kHz

Glass:                                                                                   Sapphire Crystal

Water resistance:                                                               50M

Case color:                                                                           Silver-Tone

Dial Color:                                                                            Black

Strap:                                                                                     Black

Why should you buy it?

Brand Heritage

When apollo Commander Scott’s official government issue watch broke, he retrieved from the pocket of his space suit his personal Bulova Chronograph watch to complete the Apollo 15 mission. Little did he realize the historical significance of his actions. He created the only known personally owned watch to be worn on the moon. Bulova successful reissue of this historical time piece. The time piece is a faithfulness recreation in both looks and feel with the added benefit of probably the most accurate propriatry movement available. It will make a stunning addition to any watch collectors collection. Also, Bulova has a amazing history to associate with its journey so far. That’s why we believe that this watch will cause a feelings of privilege to the bearer of the watch.

bulova watches review
Brand heritage
moon watch
The historical Bulova “Moon Watch” features a long and interesting, albeit a somewhat convoluted, history.

Best Budget Historical Watch

Watches which bears a historical background are normally more higher priced. On the other hand, Omega speedmaster which is the first watch on the moon, are more than 10x higher priced than this Bulova moonwatch. You can get one of the most significant historical watch for just under $1000.

bulova watch value
Best budget historical watch

A history your watch can tell!

The story of the Bulova Moon Watch began with a specially designed one-of-a-kind Bulova gifted to NASA Apollo Mission astronaut Dave Scott in the late 1960s or early 1970s. Dave Scott took the unique Bulova watch gifted to him by the brand with him on the 1971 Apollo 15 mission to the Moon. At the time, astronauts had government-issued Omega Speedmaster watches. The mere fact that astronauts had Omega Speedmaster watches was not without controversy, as Omega was a Swiss watch brand and certain people in the US believed that the astronauts should be wearing an American watch (at the time, Bulova was a fully American company).

As the story goes, Dave Scott’s Speedmaster became damaged and the front crystal popped off, which necessitated he wear his back-up Bulova. Colonel Scott went on to walk on the Moon’s surface and was the first person to operate a lunar rover vehicle. One his wrist at the time was reportedly the Bulova watch. After the Apollo 15 mission, the Bulova watch – as it was Scott’s personal property – remained his personal possession for many years. In 2015, Scott himself decided to auction off the Bulova watch, along with a few other items he had on the Apollo 15 mission with him.

bulova watch
A history your watch can tell!

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