AUDEZE SINE – The World’s First Planer Magnetic Headphone!


World’s First On-ear planar magnetic headphone!

Audeze sine On-ear headphones are the next step up for many conventional headphone users. This is the world’s first on-ear planar magnetic headphone which is striking the modern industrial design, top-quality, and leading-edge planar magnetic technology. Yes, AUDEZE brought the planar magnetic headphone in the market for the first time and other brands have started implementing this idea. The SINE headphones are lightweight, folds flat for easy fit travel and available with the optional Audeze CIPHER cable with integrated DAC/AMP with DSP. The amazing & mesmerizing sound makes the SINE popular with creators worldwide at home, in creators studios, home studios, editing bays and when walking freely on the road. This headphone meant to be fit anywhere, in any condition.

After AUDEZE have introduced its Planar magnetic headphones in the market, a lot of buzzes have spread through the market because of the extreme clarity of the sound and deep bass of these headphones. Oppo technologies have launched the OPPO PM 3 which became another biggest selling Planar Magnetic headphone in the market. Audeze sine over-ear ear-pads are much more comfortable than any other headphones possible. As well as the ear-pads are hand crafted exclusively so that the listener get the smooth and natural feeling of the sounds being delivered through the drivers in the ear.


After audeze sine have launched in the market, AUDEZE have launched another upgrade and powerful version in the market Which is AUDEZE SINE . Observing the current market demand and conditions, AUDEZE SINE is more popular one because the listeners hasn’t find enough differences to worth for a distance of $100 extra to buy the DX one. All the features are same. According to our comparison of the specifications that AUDEZE sine carries, DX have only 5 dB more sensititvity than AUDEZE SINE and that doesn’t mean much for the listeners. So, AUDEZE SINE is the best choice among these two.


Specifications & Comparisons:

General specifications AUDEZE SINE AUDEZE SINE DX
Style Closed-back, Circumaural (Over Ear) Open-back, Circumaural (Over Ear)
Transducer type Planar Magnetic Planar Magnetic
Magnetic structure FLUXOR Magnet Array FLUXOR Magnet Array
Phase management FAZOR FAZOR
Magnet type Neodymium N50 Neodymium N50
Diaphragm type Ultra-thin Ultra-thin
Transducer size Uniforce 80x70mm Uniforce 80x70mm
Maximum power handling 10w 10w
Maximum SPL >130dB >130dB
Frequency response 10Hz – 50kHz 10Hz – 50kHz
Sensitivity 97 dB/1mw (at Drum Reference Point)
102 dB/1mW (at Drum Reference Point)

Why You should buy it

Exclusive SINE planar magnetic technology

Audeze’s innovative planar magnetic technology delivers astonishingly clear and accurate sound.
AUDEZE use space-age materials in a near weightless diaphragm that’s three times larger than typical headphones for fast response times, dramatically reduced distortion, higher resolution and improved imaging.
Patented Uniforce™ voice-coil technology delivers a uniform driving force across the entire diaphragm for near zero distortion.  Patented Fluxor™ Magnet Arrays focus the magnetic flux nearly doubling the power driving the diaphragm for even lower distortion and greater accuracy. Patented Fazor™ Elements guide internal headphone sound-waves to avoid resonance producing a more accurate waveform.


The world’s first 24-bit Lightning cable

Enjoy and enrich your life with the AUDEZE’s most amazing CIPHER cable for a significant upgrade to your lessening experience. It features an inline system-on-a chip that drives your music to levels you never freamed of by bypassing the iPhone’s internal DAC and amplifier and streaming high resolution audio. This cable is also comfortable with the iPhone’s SIRI app and it can communicate well with the SIRI.


Synchronize with AUDEZE IOS App

AUdeze SINE has a unique feature of synchronization with iOS app which enables any of the users with immersive sound experience controlled by the app. It is equipped with a 10 band equalizer which changes the sounds in real time. You can also define the bass levels of the headphones so that you can have the complete control over every beats of your headphone.

Cutting edge design

SINE was designed by BMW group subsidiary. AUDEZE combines the design and power of these headphones to make the most amazing and industrially viable headphones in the world. The amazing headband is so much comforting that it gives the listener an idea about these SINE world. The outline of the core design is implemented at California, and handcrafted there which ensures the absolute luxury and comfort of the cushions that will fit your ear completely.


Best price deal!

AUDEZE SINE is lower than any other headphones in the industry. Though it is a planar magnetic headphone, it was supposed to be a bit higher price. But considering the market, it is priced perfectly. Comparing to the AUDEZE SINE DX Reviews recent days, DX is much overpriced with only few and slightest differences from the AUDEZE SINE. So, Don’t you think you should buy it?!


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