1More Triple Drivers – The Best Headphone with Three Drivers!

1More Triple Drivers

Best noise-cancelling in ear!

1more triple driver in ear headphone is the new addition to its bestselling noise cancelling headphones in the category. The most amazing feature of this headphone is included in its name. Yeah, it has triple driver included even in its smaller and comfortable in ear drivers. 1more triple driver has extreme deep quality bass that will scramble your brains, also have the ability to have clearest understanding of every single beat. This headphone is designed by the legendary Grammy awards winner sound engineer, Luca Bignardi. The lucrative and ergonomic design of this headphone will attract anyone nearby.

The recent reviews regarding “1more triple driver reviews” both in reddit, head fi, and many other famous review websites has indicated the success of this amazing headphone. The user reviews were much more satisfactory and still now, this headphone is competing with lots of other in ear headphones in the market. Yeah, you want a perfect noice canceller? 1more triple driver is the best choice you can ever have in a reasonable budget under $100!

General Specifications :

Type ·       Mid-Range

·       In-Ear

Cable Type Y
Driver Type ·       Dynamic

·       Balanced Armature

Sensitivity (at 1 kHz) 99 dB
Impedance (at 1 kHz) 32 Ohm
Frequency Low 20 Hz
Frequency High 40000 Hz
Microphone Yes
Microphone Type In-line
Remote Yes
Extension Cord No
Connection 1/8 in.
Active Noise Cancelling No
Wireless No
Adapters Included Yes
Type of Adapter ·       Airplane
Available Colors Titanium, Black

Why should you choose this headphone?

Have the privilege to be the user of World’s First!   

1more triple driver headphone is the World’s first THX certified in-ear headphone. Doesn’t it feels good that you are wearing the world’s first THX certified headphone in your ear? Well you need to buy it if you want to feel that experience!

1More Triple Drivers

Not one, not even two, Three Drivers in 1 headphone!

1more triple driver in ear headphone is armed with 3 drivers in total in its single earbuds. Two balanced armatures and a separate dynamic driver delivers an extremely accurate sound quality and listening experience with earth stranding and quaking bass you have ever experienced.

1More Triple Drivers

Ergonomics? Perfecto!

 Perfectly angled ear fittings matches your ear nicely which ensures total sound cancellation. You will also get 9 sets of ear tips with the package to fit different sizes of in ear fittings for all.

1More Triple Drivers

Designed by Grammy Winner Sound engineer

This headphone is designed by Luca bignardi, a grammy award winner sound engineer to deliver the best quality of your favorite music. You will also have a linear control panel which will perform a multiple set of functions without touching your smartphones, or other Multimedia devices.

1More Triple Drivers

Cutting edge formations, Crystal clear sound

Extremely lightweight aluminum alloy body ensures a perfect balance between the user and the headphone itself, so that the listener don’t have any hassles when listening to their favorite music. The surface is sand blasted, while the cable consists of interior enameled copper wrapped around Kevlar fiber to greatly increase durability and tensile strength.

1More Triple Drivers

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